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ppr pipe fitting
ppr pipe fitting
ppr pipe fitting
ppr pipe fitting
ppr pipe fitting
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Specification of ppr pipe fitting

Wavin Tigris Green Polypropylenerandom Made ​​Of Type 3, Which Is A Material
With Propylene Random Copolymer Pp-Fl Abbreviated Type 3, Or Pp-R 80. This Product
Designed To Flow Through Hot And Cold Pressurized Water. The Level Of Product
Wide. For Apllikasinya, Pipe Wavin Tigris Greentersedia In Various Pressure Classes
And The Temperature Variation Of Wal Thickness In Accordance With Its Use.

Connection System Used By Wavin Tigris Green Is Connecting System
Heat Fusion Using Heated Tools. With This Connection System. Result
Be Bound To Guarantee The Connection Strength (Equal To The Force
Pipe), Anti-Leakage And Maintenance-Free And Uses Up To 50 Years Of Age.


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