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Sell Uptake Of Water Pipes Netlon

Specification of Uptake Of Water Pipes Netlon

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Jaya Various Main Supply Various Types And Sizes Of Pipe Water Uptake, Which Pipes Water Absorbent Netlon Brand Designed Specifically With Japanese Technology Is Able To Absorb Water With High Absorption Material Is Made From High Density Polyethylene, Making Light Netlon Pipe Water Absorbency And Easy To Apply In All Areas Of Agriculture, Plantation, Playgrounds, Roads - City Streets, Football Stadiums, Etc..

Pipe Water Absorption Netlon Divided Into Three Types, Namely Type-Type Ep, Mp-Type And T-Type Where Each - Each Type Has A Different Design And Technical Primarily On The Pattern Of Holes:
- Ep-Type (Hole Entire Surface) With Fitting Joint Free
- Mp-Type (Two Thirds Of The Entire Surface Of The Hole) With Fitting Joint Free
- T-Type (Spiral Hdpe Pipe Uptake) With Fitting Joint Free

For Penyambungannya, Pipe Water Absorption Netlon Can Use Standard Pvc Pipe Fittings. So As To Provide Applicators Work Effectively And Efficiently.